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Fatimatuz Zahro

Fatimatuz Zahro

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About Me

I am able to learn quickly to the new environment. Willing and able to learn new things. Able to work individually and in groups.


WanitaSingleIslam16 Januari 2001 (20 Tahun)


Able to speak Javanese
Able to speak English
Able to speak Japanese
Able to speak french


2019 - 2023

Malang Muhammadiyah University

Sarjana (S1) Nursing Science (IPK 3,89)

Members of the youth organization in 2019-2020 Member of the Faculty Student Executive Board in 2019-2020 Event Section Faculty Student Executive Board 2020-2 ...


Mei 2023 - April 2024

Ward Nurse

RSU Soewondo Pati

During my work there I learned many things from starting to treat patients, providing the best service to patients, caring for and caring for patients.


Nursing Medical Staff Training

Url :

In the certificate contains things that I have learned during my nursing training to patients who are good and right.

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